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As such, has adopted the following policy regarding comments and letters to the editor published on its site.

Please limit comments on individual posts to 100 words. Comments longer than 100 words should be submitted as letters to the editor for consideration of publication. Comments and letters may not contain language deemed to be inappropriate, bullying, or hateful, and should focus on the issues of the community in a respectful manner rather than on criticism of individuals. Comments and letters to the editor are subject to editing for length, clarity, or other reason deemed appropriate by the editor. A maximum of one letter from an individual may be published in a month. Comments and letters may be rejected for publication. No anonymous comments will be posted. Letters to the editor must contain verifiable contact information, including telephone number, email address, mailing address, and name of the author. Posts not meeting these published standards will be removed from the site, if previously published.

It is the hope of the editor of that readers may engage in discourse which benefits the community by seeking to express opinions and resolve community issues upon which there is disagreement with respect and dignity.

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