Saturday Open House Features New Les Mills Classes, Smoothies, Membership Special

Chance Pini grimaced then hoisted the barbell over his head, beads of sweat dotting his flushed face as he balanced the hundred and fifty-plus pounds of iron above him. His eyes straight ahead, his focus intense, he lowered the bar and exhaled.

“Today I’m doing a type of cross fit workout, clean and press, and all core exercises,” said Pini, still catching his breath from the last set in the personal training room at Iron Fit Gym in Lititz.

Steam rises from Chance Pini after an intense weightlifting workout at Iron Fit Gym in Lititz. Photo by Lynn Rebuck/

Steam rises from Chance Pini after an intense weightlifting workout at Iron Fit Gym in Lititz. Photo by Lynn Rebuck/

Wisps of steam rose off his head and curled towards the ceiling as he spoke about why he chooses to train at Iron Fit Gym. As it turns out, the choice wasn’t entirely by Chance.

“I chose it because my father’s been coming here for about 30 years now,” said Pini of what was Tim’s Gym, a facility that underwent an ownership and name change in the fall. “I’ve been coming for about 10 [years], so I know everybody.”

What appeals to the father-son fitness duo is the size and setting of the facility.

“It’s kind of like a small community thing,” said Pini. “It’s not one of those huge mega gyms.”


Meagan Clelan chats with Cathy Shue, who was still going strong on the elliptical in the cardio area at Iron Fit Gym in Lititz. Photo by Lynn Rebuck/

The gym, which is larger than it appears from outside, is sporting a brand new coat of energetic light green and purple paint and a recently-added smoothie/juice bar that features bright green, energy-inducing drinks.

“The vision is for people to come work out, enjoy the club atmosphere, sit down at one of the pub tables out front, enjoy a smoothie, talk with their friends, have a social gathering,” said new owner John Lukas, an experienced fitness trainer. “That’s the type of club we want to be.”

Elliptical Woman

Photo by Lynn Rebuck/

To enhance that experience, John and his wife Tina are making more than just structural changes like adding a fireplace and remodeling the entrance. They’re adding personnel as well by bringing in a nutritionist to assist patrons with dietary coaching.

And they’re offering a staggering number of classes per week: 40 in all, including Les Mills classes, spin, Zumba, traditional yoga, Pilates and more, from low impact to high impact.

“When you look at forty classes across the schedule, there’s pretty much something for everybody,” said John.

Toss in free child care and you can see why the club is a hit with local parents. But Iron Fit Gym is also meeting the needs of other members of the community as well.

“We also have Silver Fit, Silver Sneakers, and a variety of insurance options,” said John of programs aimed at lowering costs of fitness memberships for qualifying senior citizens. Iron Fit Gym also offers discounts to certain professions, so they encourage guests simply to ask.

The gym offers month-to-month and annual membership plans, and allows guests a one-week free trial to sample all that the facility has to offer.

“We have a knowledgeable, friendly staff, which makes a huge difference,” said JoIMG_6917hn. “We are a club that is concerned about their results and their fitness.” Iron Fit Gym also provides an initial free fitness evaluation, so working up a sweat should come easy for those who make it in the door. There’s even a free towel service.

But John and Tina Lukas aren’t just content with transforming the gym and helping members transform their bodies, they want to reach out and be an active part of the Lititz community as well.

“Culture is very important to us,” said John. “We have to practice what we preach, we have to get out into community and participate in events.”

John and Tina Lukas are inviting the community in for their Iron Fit Gym Super Saturday Open House tomorrow, January 17, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Free classes include the launch of all-new Les Mills offerings ending with a Zumba party at 12 noon. There will be free smoothie samples, local vendors, gift certificate giveaways for free tanning and hair care, and a special $0 Enrollment and $0 First Month membership offer. Extended child care will be offered as part of the event from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. Iron Fit Gym is located at 105 Warwick Street in Lititz. For more details, call Iron Fit Gym at (717) 627-0038 or visit


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