Broad Street Plant to Close by Mid-January; Leadership Headed North

Cargill spokesman Pete Stoddard confirmed to that employees at the West Lincoln Ave. plant in Lititz may also be affected by layoffs announced today and first reported on


“There will be the same number of jobs there, but there will be individuals who are impacted,” said Stoddard in an interview with today.  “The net number of jobs at that  facility won’t be impacted.”

Cargill confirmed before 9 a.m this morning to this morning that it would cut 130 jobs in Lititz, most at the Broad St. plant.


Stoddard denied that the Lititz plant closing and layoffs are a result of Cargill’s acquisition of ADM’s chocolate holdings.

“No, that’s not an accurate way to say it,” said Stoddard. “To say that this is  a cause and effect of ADM–no. We expanded our footprint in North America and this is one of the outcomes of it. When we acquired ADM we acquired additional plants.”

As for leadership housed in the Cargill building adjacent to Lititz Springs Park, some are already on the move north, closer to Cargill corporate headquarters.

“Most of them will be moved to Minneapolis or Milwaukee,” said Stoddard, where most are expected to arrive by early January. “It’s in the process,” said Stoddard.

Local employees who will be laid off will receive notices 60 days before the expected plant closing, which Stoddard said is expected to take place in mid-January.

“The WARN notice has to be filed 60 days before closure of the plant,” said Stoddard.

Lynn Rebuck

Lynn Rebuck

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