(LITITZ, PA-LititzDailyNews.com)–Amazing cell phone video captured on Saturday, February 25, 2017 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania shows a storm cell that officials say caused $7 million damage in the northern part of the county.

Abby Rutter recorded the massive dark cloud as it whipped destructive winds in the Clay, Elizabeth, and Cocalico township areas on Saturday afternoon. From her vantage point on Water Street in Ephrata, she captured video of the storm as it passed near the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Her video could help investigators from the National Weather Service make a final determination as to whether it was a tornado. So far, NWS meteorologists have issued a preliminary statement that the damage in northern Lancaster County was caused by straight-line winds from a microburst with estimated wind speeds of 70 to 90 mph.

Liz Johnston broadcast live on Facebook from the 400 block of Fruitville Pike in Manheim facing towards Lititz looking out over Temperence Hill Road, where she captured this storm video on Saturday.


Along a different Lancaster County country road, Lee Rossman recorded as a funnel cloud hovered over a field near a farmhouse in the Manheim area off of Route 283. Photos he shot on Colebrook Road get an even closer view.

So far, three individuals have submitted video that may show more than one possible tornado or funnel cloud over Lancaster County. We will be post all three videos shortly, so please keep checking back for the updated content. If you have video and photos, submit them to LititzDaily@yahoo.com, as your images may help officials determine the type of the storm.


The first footage received was captured off of Route 283 along Landisville Road, looking west, at a time when a powerful storm passed over the western part of the county. The photographs were taken along Colebrook Road, heading north, with Lititz on the right.

The National Weather Service (NWS) made a preliminary determination on Sunday after inspecting damage in York County that the fast-moving storm that moved quickly north produced an EF1 tornado near Hallam. After inspecting damage in Clay, Cocalico, and Elizabeth townships, the NWS made the preliminary determination that the damage was caused by straight-line winds. Here’s the first video:

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