Band Performed Live Concert from "Ninth Cube"

(LITITZ, Pa.- – Articles in Lititz news about the local stream are typically about trout: rainbow, brown, and brook. But on New Year’s Eve, the stream that ran from Lititz was filled with Phish. That’s right, the band Phish live-streamed a 3-set concert from a location dubbed the “Ninth Cube,” now confirmed to be Rock Lititz thanks to a local man’s chance encounter.


One Lititz fan got an unexpected surprise when he bumped into Phish lead vocalist Trey Anastasio outside of the Hotel Rock Lititz. He published two photos to his Instagram account of the chance encounter.

“What a way to end the year!” long-time Phish fan Rick Lamoreaux wrote in a January 1 post to his Instagram below a photo of him posing with Anastasio.

The photo was taken outside of Hotel Rock Lititz, which is prominently pictured in the background with its sign showing. A second photo shows Phish’s Anastasio standing alongside Lamoreaux and girlfriend Jennifer McNitt.

“Jenn and I, very unexpectedly, got to meet and talk to one of my idols, Trey Anastasio from Phish!” wrote Lamoreaux.

Phish performed the show from Lititz without an audience and webcast it for free on Phish’s YouTube channel and, with a simulcast on Phish Radio on SiriusXM. The concert will be posted to the Sirius XM app.

The band had originally planned to perform multiple concerts the week of New Year’s Eve at Madison Square Garden. On December 23, Phish posted to social media that they were rescheduling the in-person performances due to the surge of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

This show was part of Phish’s “Dinner And A Movie” series, which has distributed nearly $900,000 in donations via the WaterWheel Foundation since the start of the pandemic to help non-profits around the country (and beyond). The recipes were chosen by the band and listed on their website for fans to recreate and home then enjoy during the concert.


The NYE event featured Anastasio’s own recipe for Lemonade, a Whole Roasted Chicken with Lemon, a Lemon Pasta vegetarian entrée, and for dessert: Lemon Bars. Fans posted their home viewing “venues” including their lemon-based dinners to the Phish Facebook page.

The “once in a lifetime” meeting with the Phish lead vocalist in Lititz left Lamoreaux “star struck.” He described Anastasio as “a cool guy” in his post.

In an interview with, Lamoreaux said he first saw Phish in concert in Binghamton, New York.

“It’s pretty incredible to meet someone you’ve been going to see live in concert since ’94 and listen to daily!” wrote Lamoreaux on his Instagram post.

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