Our Top Pick for Halloween Fun in Lititz

Costumed candy-seekers who strolled up to the grimacing pumpkins at one Lititz home in search of sweets last Halloween found them, and a whole lot more: 55 jack-o-lanterns, to be exact, each hand-carved.

On the side of the front yard, foot-high flames danced from two blazing pumpkins. Near the sidewalk, three spooky scarecrows peered down through glowing eyes. A grandpa-turned-werewolf sat silently on the porch, ready to howl.

“Trick or treat,” said the Doom sisters-Mady, 6, and Kayla, 5-with friend Andrea Smith, 4. The youngsters were among the first to stop by the home of Craig and Amanda Hickle on Front Street to take in the site.

“We did this all for you,” Craig Hickle told the children. Admiring parents lined the sidewalk and snapped photos in front of the display.

“Both of us love Halloween,” explained Amanda, “This is our holiday.”


The couple grew up in very different settings-Craig in a residential neighborhood in Pittsburgh, and Amanda amidst the woods of the Pocono Mountains-yet today both share a love of the spooky fall holiday.

“It’s one of the best memories I have of growing up,” said Craig, whose love for Halloween runs so deep that he had tattoos commemorating the holiday placed down the length of his leg.

For the entire week before Halloween, Craig and Amanda are busy carving pumpkins and readying their display. Once it’s set up, they like to stand back and watch people as they interact with their creativity.

After trick-or-treat comes to an end, the couple hosts an annual Halloween party for friends and family.

You can find the Hickle’s Halloween display on Front Street in Lititz.  It’s easy to find-just watch for the flaming pumpkins.